Wall Cleaners

Petrozas can supply a special type of wall cleaner installed with a lock limit clamps so it would help achieving  the following characteristics :

  • Remove mud cake from formation by rotation of casing at surface , so, minimizing precautionary or remedial squeeze
  • Breaks up channeling action of slurry during cementing jobs .
  • Clean up the hole before cementing jobs or remedial jobs .

Wall cleaners are available in all sizes , to match all casing sizes .



Petrozas , is offering special type of  centralizers for both Casing & tubing applications for drilling oil & gas wells ,those types meeting and exceeding API specifications and standards .


Casing Cenrtalizer: model S-3 can perform the following :

  • Maximize casing centering efficiency .
  • Heat treated for additional strength.
  • Permits rotation or reciprocation.
  • Provide good circulation in the annulas .
  • Cover a wide range of hole sizes .

Tubing Centralizer: EUE, tubing centralizer has a special deflector vanes swirling action in slurry to produce better radial distribution ; and covering a wide range of tubing sizes .