Safety & lifting accessories

A wide range of items and devices for individual protection in order to satisfy every industrial needs about prevention and safety on dangerous work place

  • Safety clothing
  • Head, hand and foot protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Fall prevention
  • First aid
Lifting Accessories
  • Promotes safety using specifically designed equipment to make each lift safer.


  1. HR fixed lifting ring
  2. HR screw pin anchor shackle
  3. HR lifting ring for welding
  4. Swivel lifting rings
  5. ID Tag ALITAG
  6. Adjustable collar
  7. J and S hooks with latches
  8. Wire mesh sling
  9. RSB system
  10. Lifting magnet
  11. Automatic hook
  12. Automatic lifting hook
  13. Polyamide web sling
  14. FLEXFORT wire rope sling
  15. Braided wire rope sling
  16. Cable-laid sling