Firefighting, Earthing, tracing system & Alarm system

Fire Fighting Equipment
  • PetroZas supplies high-quality firefighting equipment

Our commitment is to providing quality fire protection at a very    competitive price.

  1. Fire Extinguishers:
  • Petrozas provides fire extinguishers to meet every type of emergency. Our fire extinguishers are fully certified and have been rigorously tested to ensure that they provide the required protection for your property.

Types: (Dry Powder – CO2- Foam-Water-Clean Agent-Wet Chemical)

  1. Hoses & Accessories:
  • Every fire hose we provide will enable your firefighting team to stop fires quickly in your property or environment.

Types: (Single Jacket Hose- Double Jacket Fire Hose-Fire Hose Rack Assembly-PU Lined Hose-Duralex Fire Hose, UL Listed-Delivery Hose Coupling-Handheld Branch Pipe-Standard Branch Pipe).

  1. Reels & Cabinets:
  • Our equipment will ensure that the inhabitants in your property are equipped to deal with a range of fires.
  1. Valves & Risers:
  • We supply the largest of landing valves, breeching inlets and angle hose valves. All of our products are suitable for a range of dry risers and will play an important role in your fire defense.

Types:  (Landing Valves- Breeching Inlets- Angle Hose Valve)

  1. Fire Hydrants:
  • High-performance fire hydrants are vital for combating fires as they provide a ready supply of water.

           Types: (Dry Type Pillar Fire Hydrants – UL/FM- Dry Type Pillar

Fire Hydrants – Kite mark/LPCB- Under Ground Hydrant)


Systems that ensure the safety of goods and people, high –quality components for lightning protection and for the installation of grounding systems

  • Earthing rods and accessories
  • Copper conductors
  • Earthing pits
  • Equipotential connections
  • Welded connection
  • Cable terminals-clamps
  • Lightning rods and accessories
  • Surge arresters
Tracing system

Design and supply of tracing systems for industrial and thermohyraulic processes

  • Heating cables
  • Self-regulation heating cables
  • Thermostats
  • Junction boxes
  • Control panels
  • Accessories
Alarm System
  • We offer high quality products including detectors, control panels,

Fire alarm accessories, and others parts.


  • Photoelectric Smoke Detector.
  • Multipurpose heat Detector.
  • Combination Smoke and Heat Detector.
  • Smoke Detector with Duo-Leds.
  • Rate of Rise Heat Detector.
  • Residential Photoelectric Smoke Detector.
  • Fixed Temperature Heat Detector.
  • GST Reflective Detector.
  • Gas Leak Detector (wall type).

Control Panel:

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel 2L,4L,5L,8L,10L and Iron.

Fire Alarm Accessories:

  • Manual Call Point
  • Fire Indicating Lamb
  • Fire Alarm Bell
  • FMS-RL1
  • Fire Alarm Complex