As  PETROZAS , is currently increasing the penetration of drilling market , we are announcing here that , additional drilling tools & equipment are available on hand and can be supplied from the most common and world wide trade names and manufacturing houses specialized in the oil & gas drilling fields.


Bits , are designed to be capable for any types of formation hardness as an application range of the following range types :

S – ( for soft formation )

SM  ­- ( for soft to medium formation )

MH  – ( for medium to hard formation

H –  ( for hard formation )

Tooth Bits : are designed for durability and high rates of penetrations . In general , larger sharped teeth are used on bits for drilling  soft  formation , where shorter teeth are used for drilling hard formation.

this is in addition to tungesten carbide materials teeth specially for abrassive formation to increase the resistance to breakage and to retard any gage wear .

PETROZAS , supplying Bits that designed to Stay on bottom longer making hole insread of round trips and to increase the Bit life time , so we can safe the rig time & cost per foot of drilling well.

BITS , can be supplied to match the common casing sizes as following :

From  3 7/8 ”  bit size for nominal  4 ½”  casing size    Up tO 17 ½ “   bit size for nominal  20 “  casing siz